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New Design… Oh d-d-d-dear!

Here’s a Winnie the Pooh parody design.. Bit of a silly one but people seem to find it amusing, poor Piglet. :P Although as it’s mashed with a certain snack I think can only be found in the UK, I’m not sure our US friends will get the connection. Still funny though :)

I have it up for voting on Qwertee so if you’d like to see this printed please give it a vote…


oh d-d-d-dear



Super Great Sale

Thank You to all who bought a ‘Super Ultra Violence’ tee or any other loot from Ript.. Was a good sale. I have just had delivery of this poster, wanted to see the print quality for myself and have to say it’s really great :) Will be framing this when I get a chance..



Super Ultra Violence

I have a tee up for sale today on Ript Apparel. I also have a FREE tee giveaway going down on my facebook page to celebrate. You can enter this here -> TEE GIVEAWAY!

Buy my design on a shirt, hoodie, as a poster or on a coaster set here -> SUPER ULTRA VIOLENCE


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WIN a FREE tee if Printed!

Oh yeah.. Maul Martial Arts is up for voting on Qwertee so I’m giving folks a chance to win one if it get’s enough votes and they print it. :) Contest will be running for the length of the voting process which is 3 weeks, so loads of time to enter. But remember, it has to get printed to win. Fingerrsss crossssed! :)

Enter here -> CONTEST


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Maul Martial Arts

New design completed. Here’s a looksee…


Close Ups





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Me on Facebook

I tend to post the majority of my work on facebook, certainly more works in progress.. So if you’d like to see what I’m upto just pop over and give my page a like here -> StationjackArt


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T1000/Mr. Men

:) Fun idea..



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