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NEW Designs: Mario Kart Series

I had the idea of designing a set of imaginary Mario Kart race track logos.. Each depicted by a different character from the game. I’m still unsure on whether I want them all to be connected in some way design wise or whether to have a mish mash of completely different styles for each logo.

Anyway these kind of quandaries usually sort themselves out if I just go head first into the designing, so I did. First one was for ‘Toad’.. Desert Classic. I thought brown on a cream colour tee would be nice and subtle with some distress added. I’m still not sure about the overall composition or the colour so I may still modify this design as I go.


Then I started off on ‘Donkey Kong’ – ‘Gorilla Jungle Rally’. I’m digging this one a lot more but now I see them both together they look pretty nice :) I want to vary the colours for each design as much as possible.


Who should be next in this series? I have a list and design notes/sketches but I’d love to hear what you guys would like to see? :)



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Delivery From BustedTees

Thank You to everyone who bought either or both of these tees from BustedTees.com the other week, was a great sale. My order came in today and I’m very pleased with the print quality. Colours are spot on and the T-Shirts themselves are of a high standard.

If you missed this sale I’ll be adding both to my TeePublic store as soon as I can. I’ll be sure to make a post when I do. :)


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Say Doh!

Childish mess around inspired by a Play Doh session with the kids whilst watching The Simpsons :P

Anyway it’s up for voting on Qwertee and also available to buy from Neatoshop or Teepublic.

Would appreciate any votes on Qwertee if possible -> http://www.qwertee.com/product/say-doh




Hope you like and Thanks for reading,


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Prints on Unamee.com

Available right now are these designs over at unamee.com. Just $11 each..

Go grab some Star Wars nostalgia -> https://www.unamee.com/index.php/


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Absolute Loyalty Voting!

Oh yeah, ‘Absolute Loyalty’ is up for voting on Qwertee by the way so if you’d like to see it printed please give it a vote. I’m coming up to 400 votes after a few days. Would be great to make it to the magic 1000! :)



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Neatoshop Tees Print Quality

Today I received my print samples and stickers from Neatoshop as part of their brilliant artist support package. I’ve seen a few reviews and photos on facebook of how good quality the prints really are. I can now confirm that the quality is indeed AWESOME! And I’d really recommend the ringspun cotton, these are lovely and soft.

Let me show you just how awesome it is.. I took some close up photos with my DSLR camera for you to see for yourself…

And Thank You to Alex and the folks at Neatoshop for my goodies :)








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NEW Star Wars Design & Neatoshop Sale

Also, I recently finished up my latest design.. Guess what? Star Wars again :P But now this one means I have a nice set of 3…

absolute loyalty


This design is exclusive to Neatoshop and not available anywhere else yet. If you’d like to buy this particular design or indeed the whole set, they’re available in my store for cheap right now as they have a sale going down :) – 15% OFF EVERYTHING!

Shop my store here -> http://www.neatoshop.com/artist/Stationjack



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