Totally Rad Eighties Kid!

Hello there, my name is Martyn (aka Stationjack) and I'm a freelance artist. I mainly like to design pop culture, geeky, nostalgic t-shirts. I am heavily influenced by my childhood, films, television, retro gaming, music. I had to quit my previous job because of a chronic pain condition. I was no longer able to do physical jobs or jobs that required long periods of sitting or standing, so it's been pretty tough. I have been trying to support myself through my art for the last few years. I have had my work featured on a number of daily t-shirt sites such as TeeFury, Ript Apparel, Qwertee, Shirt Punch, Othertees and others. I'm also available for freelance work so if you like my style and would like to work with me please get in touch. I hope people enjoy my designs.
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